Friday, December 13, 2019


One of the factors that determines a trader will lose money or make profit is that this trader invest his fund with or without a forex trading plan. Such trading plan is an excellent way to into the forex market where you must research and analyze tons of information as well as manage your potential risk and control your mind. 

Trading plan

According to BRKV Forex, the definition of Forex trading plan is supposed by the thing done by why, when and how. It is under the perspectives of traders personality, expectations, risk control and trading system. It would help to minimize the mistakes and loss of trading.
A trading plan tell traders what to do, why you need to do it, when is the right time and how to do it. Normally, this plan must reflect your trading styles, characteristics, trading goals as well as how the system works and how you can minimize your risks.
When you have a plan beforehand, it will help to limit the change of making wrong decisions and minimize your lost. In other words, if you are trading with no plan, you are planning to achieve failures. A forex trading plan will assist you not to make wrong steps in such a hot time.
When trading with real money, your psychology may influence your action that is the reason why many traders make mistakes when they are trading under the pressure of the market in hard times. The most favorable way to avoid making wrong decisions (remember that you can never remove it completely) is that you must have a forex trading plan to guide your action when trading in the market. With a plan in your mind, every steps you should make is more clearly and by this way you are protected from making wrong turns or hurried actions in a hot time. 
The best thing you can do is that you must trade as planned. Although you have an excellent forex trading plan, you will fail if you do not follow it. Traders who can always keep focus on your plan is the ones who can overcome hard times in the market. They may get more lost than win but by following the plan they can make more profit after all.

Advantages of forex trading plan

  • Trading will be easier with a plan in your mind 
  • Decrease your worries and make you feel better when trading 
  • Give you a change to evaluate your trading progress as well as give solutions to fix problems
  • Minimize psychological issues that impact on your decisions
  • Minimize the number of wrong decisions if you follow your plan seriously
  • Avoid making unreasonable decisions under the pressure of the market
  • Manage your mind and your action with a clear plan to achieve clear goals
  • A trading plan makes the difference between a trader and a gambler because gamblers have no plan to follow, if they have one, they are not disciplined enough to stick with it. 
  • A plan give you opportunity to doing out of your safe place. Remember the times when you do not stop your lost and cut off your profit just because doing this makes you feel at ease. To prevent it from happening again, you must have a forex trading plan and stick to it.
  • A plan will guide you to go anywhere on the forex market and earn more profits
  • A plan is the alert system that will tell you if you are doing something wrong and by that, you always have a chance to fix your mistakes quickly.

Forex trading plan is a progress
The forex market is not standstill, it moves rapidly therefore your plan must move accordingly. Evaluate your plan periodically, particularly when your financial statement or your life conditions changes. In addition, when you find that you there are changes in your trading system or strategies, remember to put these factors into your plan.
In conclusion, experts always have a forex trading plan and they always say that: “you must overcome difficulties and stay alive”. The primary aim of a forex trading plan is to help you stick to your task, doing the right things, trading effectively and making reasonable decisions. Remember that an excellent plan takes you nowhere unless you follow it in reality.

Thursday, November 21, 2019


When it comes to picking the great Forex broker is one of the most best trades in the world of Forex, we are going to use examples within the top 10 Brokers In Thailand.

1. Data security

When creating an account with the Forex broker, it says you would need to launch a large bulk of your money and personal data. Usually brokers will ask you lots of personal information which can be very dangerous when it comes to this as if you expose it to the wrong person it can lead to insecure internet security, interruption of activities within trading and many more. When doing this it is very crucial that you see the policy or terms and conditions of privacy.

2. Customer Service

Another great thing is customer service as this can be a signal that customers will be pleased and this will improve the reputation. The greatest broker in forex in Thailand will support and speed your education as Forex trade. This will be done involving the use of trading software. The great customer service examples can be found within the top 10 Thailand brokers in Thailand. 

3. Check Reviews Of Brokers 

Many times people will purchase and offload their items based on their reputation. A good bit of your forex trading plan is to analyze the reviews of the customers. You should also be cautious that not all forums are genuine. So if a review has hardly any negative reviews that should be a little suspicious. Most of the traders will not admit that they made a mistake or even a loss due to their reputation being tarnished. This is why that it's important to analyse information first before any publishing. Top 10 Brokers In Thailand wouldn't do this usually as they are so high up in the pecking order. 

4. Avoid bonuses

If you open an account with Forex, you should prevent being blinded. Free things in this world are at a premium and the bonus is always targeted to persuade you but it's not always the case that it will end well. It's pivotal that you always keep your concentration to prevent this from occurring.

5. Spreads, fees and Commission

As any trade, the Forex costs within trading can have a massive effect on how much profit you make. For example the differential may look quote little, but in the future it will get much larger. Some high level services are important in the trade. These will contain improved trading tools and also customer service etc. Usually the more expensive you pay for a trader the better he, the tools or even support will be but you need to make sure it's worth the money spent. 


Overall to summarise this the top 10 Brokers In Thailand are usually positive within the good customer service section. But as mentioned above globally you should always be cautious on internet security and whoever you give personal information to as it can be very catastrophic. 
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Tuesday, October 29, 2019


In India, The Reserve Bank is in charge of controlling the rupee, but is not responsible for managing forex brokers. In fact, forex traders in India trading activities are under the control of Forward Markets Commission, which ensures the management of non-exchange traded financial instruments. 

The importance of choosing the best forex broker

In fact, thanks to drastic changes of India after the independence of 1990s, it allows foreign investors to break into the market. This leads to the scenario that the economy of India has been gradually improved. However, with the limited number of forex brokers in India at present, it might be a daunting task for forex traders in India to choose a good broker to trade. Therefore, choosing a forex broker to make transactions at this time is still a challenging matter in their forex trading plan

In order for Indian forex traders to work with good forex brokers, it would be better for them to make a list of trusted forex brokers and then try to understand their characteristics. By doing this, traders will be able to determine which broker is suitable for them as well as shorten their learning process. 

Due to the leverage offered by forex brokers, traders will be able to expand their position after their first deposit. Nonetheless, traders had better take the risks into account when trading in forex market. In some cases, brokers will offer their traders micro account, which enables them to deposit with the amount from $50 to $100. In terms of mini account, you will benefit from it if you have 1000-2000$ in the account. Brokers normally offer their clients a standard account when it has 10000$. 

On the other hand, there are still some variations when it comes to different types of accounts. Islamic account, for instance, will not apply interest accruing regulations or VIP for a special amount of money. If you want to have some additional services, you need to negotiate with your broker and discuss about the matter. 

Why Indian forex traders cannot use online trading platforms

It is impossible for Indian forex traders to use online forex trading platforms because of the illegality. However, forex traders coming from other countries can trade and use those platforms. In my opinion, the prohibition should be abolished because of the number of benefits that they might bring to traders in India. If you are a wise traders, you should not trade with the broker who offers complicated platform. In forex market, you only can make profits if you have a good insight into your broker. 

To be more specific, traders might encounter some difficulties in closing their positions and this leads to big losses. In this case, a good forex broker will allow you to close all your positions in order to reduce the loss. 

It is advisable that traders need to have a several different choices when it comes to platforms. It might be either downloadable such as Metatrader 4 or online version. In addition, brokers also allow their clients to download an app on their website that traders can install on their phones. As a result of this, traders will be able to trade anytime or anywhere they want. 

Briefly, forex traders in India should pay much attention to different features of their brokers and choose which one is suitable for them. With the advent of thousands forex brokers, traders need to be very careful before making the final decision because it might affect their trading career. 
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Wednesday, October 23, 2019


In Bangladesh, the evolution of Forex trading is significantly related to the exchange rate regime of the country. The Bank of Bangladesh is the main regulator of other regulators whose main role is to balance foreign exchange demand and supply. However, after the online account was introduced, the operation is now stopped. Today, I want to show you the best forex brokers in Bangladesh so that you can know where to trade.

The Forex trading of Bangladesh

Prior to 1990, some exchange rates used various exchange rate gain plans, such as XPB, XPL, IECS and EFAS. This leads to a wide variation between the official exchange rate and the SEM (secondary trading market). This situation prompted the government of Bangladesh to impose indiscriminately various regulations and lead to macroeconomic imbalance and ineffective risk management measures.
After Bangladesh gained independence, the Taka was dependent on the Pound and ranked according to the Indian Rupee. In 1975, Taka slipped. In 1976, Bangladesh had to apply the system of floating exchange rate with control, which was in effect until 1979, when a currency-weighted package was implemented. In 1983, another foreign exchange management policy (trade-weighted basket) was introduced. The dollar is now an arbitration currency. SEM can also grow as the foreign exchange rate increases. As a result, the roadside market has increased.
Currently, the exchange rate between Taka and other currencies is supervised through  Real Effective Exchange Rate (RFER)

Bangladesh’s top Forex brokers 

When searching the internet about Forex trading in Bangladesh, you will come across a series of brokers. However, the chances of you encountering scam brokers are very high because there is no authority that can authenticate you. Wisely, you should consult the list of top brokers here to have a trusted broker for your forex trading plan.

XM broker

XM broker belongs to and is managed by a financial institution capable of providing global financial markets globally, Holding Ltd. With XM, with just $ 5 for the minimum deposit, you can leverage up to 888: 1. In addition to operating on the Forex market, it also provides other financial instruments such as equity indices and precious metals with a total of more than 120 effectively and transparently. MT4 trading platform can operate on personal computers, tablets and phones.

HotForex broker

Another famous name in the Bangladesh’s forex trading brokerage community is HotForex. HotForex offers a wide range of account types to suit a variety of traders. For as little as $ 5 for the minimum deposit, you can use 1000: 1 leverage with a low spread of about 1 pip. There are 5 different trading platforms that can be used for personal computers, web, tablets, phones using Apple and Android operating systems, namely Metatrader4, Web trader, Ipad Trader, Iphone Trader and HotForex Droid. .

Easy Forex broker

Broker Easy Forex provides trading operations on currencies and raw materials in over 150 countries with a rich trading platform that operates online from personal computers to mobile phones. In addition, the account packages are designed to be flexible to meet the needs of most customers. With only a minimum deposit of $ 25, you can use the leverage up to 4000: 1.Easy Forex offers clients the opportunity to make great money.

Subsidiary information

The weak management of currency brokers in Forex trading in Bangladesh by the national regulator has led to a significant loss of money for its small currency traders. That's what happened a few years ago. And now, Bangladesh Bank is facing an online currency trading situation, all they can do is ask the currency traders to do business with brokers registered with the bank of Bangladesh and each city has its own brokerage.
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